Little BIG Idea

2016 Winners

The 2016 little BIG idea winners and finalists

Congratulations to our three winners and nine finalists. The quality of entries was high and judging was a pleasure. Our winners jetted off on a great USA adventure.

When Jordan met Bridgette

Our 2017 littleBIGidea ambassador and judge, Dr Jordan Nguyen, met up with Bridgette Veneris, last year's winner in the Year 3 & 4 category. Since her win, Bridgette's Band Aid Dispenser has been patented and a prototype developed with the assistance of Wadeson and Outerspace

Our three winners

Finalists: Years 3 & 4

Finalists: Years 5 & 6

Finalists: Years 7 & 8

Entries are now closed for 2017