Little BIG Idea

2017 Winners

Congratulations to our 3 major prize winners - they'll be jetting off on an all-expenses paid trip to NASA!

Our three national winners have come up with clever, inventive ideas to help people with disabilities and address the issue of pollution and wastage. These winners and all of our finalists are inspiring and show that the future of innovation in Australia is in good hands.

Dr Jordan Nguyen, Judge, littleBIGidea 2017

Year 3 & 4

Aged 8, Brunswick North Primary School, VIC

Amelia's PORTABLE WHEELCHAIR HOIST is a fabric hoist located in the seat cushion of a wheelchair to help carers lift someone in and out of the chair. The hoist is attached to hooks so it can be operated without worry about potential injuries to either person.

image lbi 2017 finalist 03

Amelia’s wheelchair hoist is an amazing idea that clearly addresses a need, is well thought out, practical and could benefit many people. The simple approach is simple, functional and could have broad commercial appeal. I look forward to seeing where this idea will evolve to in the future.

– From our 2017 judges

Year 5 & 6

Aged 11, St Anthony's Parish Primary, Wanniassa, ACT

Bella's invention is SUGARCANE PLASTIC TOYS. These toys - made from sugarcane plastic - are a cleaner and more environmentally friendly product, as sugarcane absorbs carbon dioxide as it grows, and is also recyclable.

image lbi 2017 finalist 07

Bella’s idea to create more sustainable toys using sugarcane plastics and other recyclable materials is a truly inventive way of addressing the issue of wastage and pollution. She has done her research, and clearly articulated her proposed solution to address a large global issue in a thoughtful and practical way. I am excited to see where Bella can take her ideas to from here.

– From our 2017 judges

Year 7 & 8

Aged 12, Allora State School, QLD

Jasmine's DOG OF TECHNOLOGY (D.O.T.) is s robot aid to help children with autism by providing medication reminders/alerts, calming and breathing strategies, parent notifications when the child is away from home, and a removable GPS tracker. It also features a play and interaction mode.

image lbi 2017 finalist 09

Jasmine has done an exceptional job of creating and prototyping her invention to help young people like her with autism. The idea is one that could have a positive impact for many people, is accessible and could be commercialised. Awesome work that she has coded the prototype herself and that it is programmed to serve multiple functions in different scenarios. Looking forward to seeing the next steps in this invention.

– From our 2017 judges

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