Our purpose

We aspire always to lead.

We deliver today's energy needs, and we search and innovate to create tomorrow's energy solutions.

We honour our principles and values, and they are evident in all we do.

We live our commitments to our shareholders, to our customers, to our people, to our communities and to our business partners.

Our founding managing director Grant King explains Our Compass and how it impacts everything we do

Our principles

Origin’s Principles provide guidance for making the right decisions.

We conduct ourselves and our business with due care and in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. We have an overriding duty to ensure the health and safety of our employees, and to minimise the health, safety and environmental impacts on our customers and the communities in which we operate.

We will add value to the resources that come under our control.

The value we create will be distributed to stakeholders recognising the need to ensure the sustainability of our business, and its impact on the environment and the communities in which we operate.

We encourage diversity and expression of ideas and opinions but require alignment with the Company’s Principles, Values and Commitments and the policies established to implement them.

When faced with choices, we make decisions knowing they will be subject to scrutiny. We should be able to demonstrate the soundness of our decisions to all stakeholders.

Our values

Origin's Values describe good behaviour.


We care about our impact on customers, colleagues, the community, environment and shareholders.


We listen to the needs of others, knowing that an unfulfilled need creates the best opportunities.


We constantly learn and implement new and better ways, sharing information and ideas effectively.


We deliver on the commitments made in all areas of performance.

Our commitments

Origin's Commitments define the outcomes we strive to achieve for key stakeholders.

We commit to:

Deliver market-leading performance for shareholders by identifying, developing, operating and growing value-creating businesses.

Create value for our customers, by understanding their needs and delivering relevant and competitive energy solutions to meet those needs both today and into the future.

Create a rewarding workplace for our people by valuing everyone’s contribution, encouraging personal development, recognising good performance and fostering equality of opportunity.

Respect the rights and interests of the communities in which we operate, by listening to them, understanding and managing the environmental, economic and social impacts of our activities.

Respect the rights and interests of our business partners, by working collaboratively to create valued and rewarding partnerships.

Our team

It takes a lot of people to explore, generate and sell energy - more than 6,000 people in fact.