Origin’s strategy of connecting resources to markets is pursued through a clear focus on its two businesses and three priorities, designed to drive continued improvement in our performance.


A regional leader in Energy Markets

A regionally significant position in natural gas and LNG production

3 Priorities

Improving returns and growing renewables

Improving competitiveness and delivering growth in natural gas and LNG

Capital management and funding

4 Measures

We use four key measures to tell us how we are tracking against our commitments to our key stakeholders. These measures touch on a range of social, environmental and economic aspects of activities carried out by Origin.

TRIFR for our safety

Total Recordable injury frequency rate

Our lowest ever and a 24% improvement on the prior year

Total shareholder return for financial performance

Total shareholder return
-15 per cent

For FY2015, while over the past decade Total Shareholder Returns were 125%

Net Promoter Score for our customers' advocacy

Strategic nps

At 30 June 2015, a 9 point improvement on the prior year

employee engagement score

Improvement from 47 in the prior year

Our story

How we're contributing to Australia’s energy story now and into the future.

We have a rich heritage in energy exploration, production, power generation and retailing.

But as we look to the future, growing global demand for energy, technological innovations, climate change concerns and the need for greater energy efficiency will continue to shape the energy supply chain.  Read about our approach to running a sustainable business.

Download Australian Energy Story (26 pages)