We know you've done the work in choosing us.

Signing up to Origin means you’ve got access to a range of products. But, as a large business customer, you also have access to a range of tools and services that can help you plan ahead and make a real impact to your bottom line.

advice when you need

Our FREE online portal gives you consumption reporting and can help highlight any anomolies. Your dedicated account manager is also on hand when you need. And because of our experience and energy knowledge, it makes sense to come to us directly.

Your account manager

Our account managers know a lot about energy. We'll assist with invoices, but we can also guide you to becoming a more energy-smart business in the long-term. Chat to us about running a health check on your account and investigate opportunities for real energy savings.

Online reporting

If you’ve signed up for Origin electricity, you may have already discussed Acumen metering as a way to track your usage. The great thing about Acumen is that we can transfer your usage data to our online portal that uses that data to provide you with valuable and timely reports, straight into your inbox.

National Response Centre (NRC)

The NRC is our service provider, responding to emergencies relating to the oil and gas industries, transport and construction sectors and water utilities. Services are available throughout Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific, Asia and South America. In the event of an emergency, you can contact the NRC or if in Australia, please call 000.

What does the Renewable Energy Target mean for you?

As a big business, you need to know how Large Renewable Energy Certificates (LREC) affect your business.

Get the full picture

It’s natural that there will be queries along the way. We've got the information to help. 

Understanding your bill

When you receive your first bill, there's a lot of information detailed. We think it's important that you understand the cost of energy and the components that make up your invoice.

Understanding energy costs

There’s a lot that happens from sourcing the energy you use to getting it to your business. It helps to know the main players in the energy market and how it can affect the price you pay for electricity and gas.

Market reports

The energy market is ever-changing. Government policies, increasing demand for renewable energy and changes in industry can affect the price you pay for the energy you use.