We power Australian businesses with electricity, gas, LPG and solar. And we'll help you keep track of your usage.

For over 10 years, large organisations Australia-wide rely on us to power their business.


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All your energy from one supplier

It takes time to contact multiple account managers, access and analyse a range of reports and stay up-to-date with the market. Our large business customers have the one account manager and one online source to be able to monitor energy use.

Electricity and natural gas

Electricity and gas is typically front-of-mind for any new connection or re-contract, and it helps to have one supplier for additional equipment, advice and support. For Natural gas, it also helps if your supplier can provide advice on the infrastructure you may need.

Solar for large business

Often Solar energy is a good alternative to traditional fuels and we can chat about whether our Solar as a Service  suits your business. We can also discuss Renewable Energy Certificates and your responsibilities under the RET scheme

Commercial LPG

LPG is a versatile energy source helping to fuel a wide range of industries including agriculture, hospitality, manufacturing, transport and mining.

information and insights

It's not just about the energy.

We’ll give you the information you need to make better energy decisions.

Customer support

Your account manager can help explain your latest invoice or provide you with information on any changes in the market. Our teams also put together regular market reports to give you a better picture of the energy market. 

Metering and intelligence

Many of our electricity customers use Acumen's metering technology which provides meter data, the very next day. The data can then be used with enCompass; a secure online portal that provides insights into your energy usage when you need. Use our market reports and blog articles to give you the complete picture on how the market can affect your energy prices.

Understanding energy costs

It helps to understand the Australian energy market: the regulatory bodies, distribution networks and state regulations. When you understand the organisations involved, you’ll also understand the processes required to deliver energy to your business.

Power Factor

What is it and can it help your business?

are you an urth energy customer Allocated to Origin as a Retailer Of Last Resort (ROLR)?

Download Terms and Conditions for large ROLR customers in NSW, VIC, SA, ACT and QLD