Little BIG Idea

get inspired!

Scratching your head about what to do? We know you've got a great invention in there somewhere. If you're chasing an idea, take a look at our videos and tips to get you started.

Time to get those creative juices pumping!


Tip #1

How BIG does a littleBIGidea have to be?

Every idea is welcome. No idea is too little or too big. The important thing is how it can help people or make their lives easier.

So that's how they do it!

Take a look at how Bridgette Veneris, the 2016 winner in the Year 3 & 4 category, came up with her winning idea. She just noticed something in her daily life... 


Tip #2

What makes a littleBIGidea a winner?

Originality, creativity, practicality, imagination and innovation. You should aim to come up with something that will blow our judges' minds.

Get inspired, kids!

Don't know where to start? Have a think about something that annoys you. Or something you've seen people struggle with. Maybe you can figure out a way to do it better? Watch this video to get some clues on how to get going. And remember: your invention doesn't have to solve a problem. It could just be fun!


Tip #3

But every littleBIGidea has already been thought of!

We’re looking for original ideas, but we understand this isn’t always as simple as it sounds. If you find your idea already exists in some shape or form, try coming up with a fresh take on it – yours could be the new and improved version!

Get inspired, parents!

Your kid's invention doesn't have to be complicated and it needn't require any expensive equipment. Maybe there's stuff around the house they could find a better design for? Watch this video to see how you can help your kid get their inventive thinking on.


Tip #4

Don't be put off because you think you need extra help!

It just needs to be theoretically possible to make your invention or bring your idea to life - even if it requires you to have unlimited money and lots of help.

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