Little BIG Idea

Our Judges

our three judges for 2017

Alison Stoakley
Engineers without borders Australia (ewb)

When Alison graduated from the University of California with a Civil & Environmental Engineering degree she had a thousand sparking ideas about the positive impact engineering could have in the world. In 2011 she moved to Melbourne to pursue a Master of Environments degree - and the sparks got kindled. Now, working at EWB, Alison gets to fire up those conversations every day!

What kind of idea will get Alison excited?

“While working with students through my role at EWB Australia, I am constantly amazed and inspired by the extent of creative thinking young people are capable of. I think it's wonderful that the littleBIGidea competition provides a pathway to grow this creativity, with celebration along the way. I can't wait to see what you have to share!”

Dr Jordan Nguyen

Dr Jordan Nguyen is one of Australia’s most innovative biomedical engineers. As founder of the social business Psykinetic, Jordan is dedicated to bringing a human and moral approach to technology - technology that helps to enable and empower people. He has a particular focus on helping people with disabilities.

What kind of idea will get Jordan excited?

"I’d like to see big ideas coming through – things that can help our species, help animals, that can improve our world or improve our environment."

Fiona MacDonald

Fiona MacDonald is an award-winning science journalist. Having been involved with digital science website since 2007, she recently become co-CEO of the company. A zoologist by training, she’s interested in helping to engage and inspire the general public with her love of science. 

What kind of idea will get Fiona excited?

“This kind of competition is what helps young Australians find their passion for science, and I’m looking forward to all the amazing entries we see this year. I’m excited to be part of Origin’s littleBIGidea competition!”

These three fine individuals are our judges and brains trust for 2017.

They'll be poring over each and every entry, and using their smarts to award points to those inventions that are the most innovative, the most viable, and the most beneficial. 
Phew! They've got a big job ahead.

From the highest-scoring ideas, the judges will select four finalists from each of the three categories:
Years 3 & 4, Years 5 & 6 and Years 7 & 8

Our judges say:
Remember these 4 important things


If you're making a video, it must not exceed one minute in length. Videos longer than a minute will mean your entry is automatically disqualified. Sorry!

Images and diagrams

If you're uploading an image or diagram, don't use it as a way of getting around the 200 word limit. Having lots of text on an image may count against you. Some text is acceptable. Use your judgement.

One entry only

You can't enter more than once – so make sure you’re happy with your entry before you hit ‘submit’.
If you submit two entries, we can only accept your first.

Travel time

Major prize winners must be available to travel to the USA before Saturday 30 June 2018.

See the full Terms and Conditions

Entries are now closed for 2017

Promotion starts 9 am AEST 18/07/17. Online entries close 11:59 pm AEST 15/09/17.
Mail entries must be sent by 15/09/17 and received by last mail 22/09/17. Open to Australian residents who are students in Grade 3 to Year 8 in a primary or secondary school (or are home schooled in these year levels) in Australia. Must have consent from parent/guardian and teacher to enter. 
Limit 1 entry per person. Group entries not accepted. Entries will be divided into categories: Grades 3 & 4; Grades 5 & 6; and Grades 7 & 8. 
Winners will be announced 15/11/17. Each major prize trip winner must travel to USA by 30 June 2018. 
See Terms and conditions for full details. Promoter is Origin Energy Retail Limited (ABN 22 078 868 425) of Level 6. 321 Exhibition Street Melbourne VIC 3000.